Leaving that place, Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. A Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to Him. — Matthew 15:21

We don’t know a thing about her. We don’t know her name… her background… her looks… her hometown. She came from nowhere and went nowhere. She disappeared the same way that she appeared, like a puff of smoke.

But what a delightful puff she was.

The disciples, during two years of training, hadn’t done what she did in a few moments of conversing. She impressed God with her faith. The disciples’ hearts may have been good. Their desire may have been sincere. But their faith didn’t turn God’s head. Hers did. For all we don’t know about her, we do know one remarkable truth: she impressed God with her faith. After that, anything else she ever did was insignificant.

The Canaanite woman was clearly desperate. Her daughter is demon possessed. She knew she had no right to ask anything of Jesus.
She was not a Jew. She was not a disciple. She offered no money for the ministry. She made no promises to devote herself to missionary service. 
 God Has Always Been, and Will Always Be, A God Of Grace - Lessons From The Canaanite Woman
You get the impression that she knew as well as anybody that Jesus did not owe her anything, yet she is asked Him for everything.

But that doesn’t slow her down. She persists in her plea.

Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! — Matthew 15:22

Matthew notes that Jesus says nothing at first. Nothing. He doesn’t open His mouth. Why? To test her? Most commentators suggest this. Maybe, they say, He is waiting to see how serious she is about her plea. My dad used to make me wait a week from the day I asked him for something to the day he gave me his answer. Most of the time, I forgot that I ever made the request. Time has a way of separating whims from needs. Is Jesus doing that?

I have another opinion. I think that He was admiring her. I think that it did His heart good to see some spunky faith for a change. I think that it refreshed Him to see someone asking Him to do the very thing He came to do — give great gifts to unworthy children.

How strange that we don’t allow Him to do it more often for us.

Perhaps the most amazing response to God’s gift is our reluctance to accept it. We want it. But on our terms. For some odd reason, we feel better if we earn it. So we create religious hoops and hop through them — making God a trainer, us His pets, and religion a circus.

The Canaanite woman knew better. She had no résumé. She claimed no heritage. She had no earned degrees. She knew only two things: her daughter was weak, and Jesus was strong.

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. — Romans 10:9

God has always been, and will always be, a God of grace. From the beginning, He only asked that His people have faith in Him. Even the laws He created for His children were so they could find grace. Sadly, people always look for a way to destroy that grace — much like the Pharisees did when they added to God’s law and twisted His intent. But Jesus made it clear that all we need to do to receive God’s grace is believe. This is what the Canaanite woman did. She knew she had nothing to offer. She didn’t rely on her heritage, her race, her clout, her Torah skills — only on Christ. If only we could do the same! If only we could put down our knowledge, our good works, our religious “hoops.” Christ was enough, and so our faith in Him is enough.

Points to Remember:
1. Jesus is delighted when we ask Him to do what He came to do: give great gifts to us, His unworthy children.
2. When we know we are weak and Jesus is strong, we can see our needs and ask in faith for God to meet those needs.
3. Simple faith is the object of God’s grace.
Prayer for the Day: Lord, give us faith like the Canaanite woman. Help us to realize that because we have nothing to offer You — no rights before You — we must rely completely on You and not on ourselves. Help us to simply receive Your free gift of grace today and believe that You will provide for us.
We love You, Lord. Amen.
 God Has Always Been, and Will Always Be, A God Of Grace - Lessons From The Canaanite Woman
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