• The 12 Variations of Prophetic Grace - By Apostle Pride Sibiya

    I want the Body of Christ to learn not to despise their pastors and leaders... apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers because of the season of the prophetic/ apostolic dimensions we are moving in.

    The Prophetic Is In 12 Variations:

    1. Dreamers and visionaries. Most share their dreams in small settings but a few to a greater influence (Zech 4). They awaken people to the spirit realm and confirm other prophetic messages by dreams and visions e.g Paul Cain.

    2. Prophets who proclaim God's cooperate purpose. Almost never prophesy to an individual but discern or sense seasons of God, giving direction to the Body of Christ e.g Apostle Paul or Rick Joyner.

    3. Prophets who proclaim God's heart standards for His people. They recall people to holy thoughts, intentions, motives, convictions and methodologies e.g Jeremiah, John the baptist, David Wilkerson. They are not too popular.

    4. Those who proclaim Church's social responsibilities and actions. These challenge the church to meet its social responsibilities e.g to widows e.g Amos. The call for social justice. Usually not noticed

    5. Those who speak administrative strategy of God. E.g Moses (founder of a nation), Joseph (preserver of a nation, prime minister of Egypt), Daniel (Babylonian administrator), they mingle and help politics. Do not despise them for this! Isaiah was a political-prophet. Dr K Fletcher is senior pastor in N. Carolina yet a king in Ghana.

    6. Prophetic worship leaders. Lead church into liberty of worship by the Spirit. David, Asaph, W.C Smith are e.gs.

    7. Prophetic intercessors. Receive burdens from God and release intercessory prayers that touch individuals, communities, cities and even nations e.g Daniel, Anna in Luke 2, she never "prophesied" but was a prophetess, a prophetic intercessor. Cindy Jacobs is an e.g.

    8. Spirit-bearers. Through their walk with God they introduce unusual manifestations of the Spirit like falling, shaking, power encounters, deliverance, angelic realms, miracles et.c. They spend time with Jesus step on platforms and appear as a connecting point between Heaven and earth...they are very popular with crowds and miracle-seekers. In Zim E Makandiwa, H Angel and W Magaya have such qualities. Do not despise them or spite your own pastor for not being such.

    9. Prophetic counsellors. Go beyond what is seen and give deep pastoral ministry to help people or entities. They discern spirits, heal but are concerned with the inner person more. Usually work in small settings.

    10. Prophetic equipers. These demonstrate a life well lived, a ministry well-led. People learn by observing or listening to them talk. They mentor many and equip them. E.H Guti is an e.g, my father A.E Chisango is another, E Adeboye. They love empowering others more than being in the spot-light themselves, they are genuine fathers/mothers of the faith.

    11. Prophetic writers. Prophetic but communicate by writings. Elijah was non writing but Jeremiah wrote. They may seem awkward before people when they speak but when they write they are understood more. Paul was often accused of being a bad orator but powerful writer. Do not despise.

    12. Prophetic evangelists. These take revelation to streets, stadiums, everywhere they can. We need these BIG TIME. Some do so in small intimate groups, in elevators, offices, campuses et.c. R. Bonkee did so, Todd Bentley also, Evangelist Paul Saungweme.

    All comes from the same Spirit and is equally important. Prophetic graces, anointing, values differ. Do not despise others or pressure leaders into going to witch-doctors for "power" value what God has given us. Do not lead leaders to judging one another or jealousy... walk in what you are called for. Do not envy another, be inspired but more so, do what God has called you to do!
    The 12 Variations of Prophetic Grace - By Apostle Pride Sibiya
    What number is your pastor?  I love you all! Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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