• Overcoming Crisis by Myles Munroe

    Practical Principles for Thriving Through Crisis
    Best selling author, business consultant, and international speaker Myles Munroe becomes mentor and coach to the reader in his book “Overcoming Crisis.” He offers the reader encouragement and challenges them to develop attitudes and principles which will help them to reach their true personal potential. He gives practical advice for converting crisis into opportunity for growth.

    Munroe speaks directly to the heart of the issues as he talks about the emotional responses we face in days of crisis and the resultant consequences of these responses. He skillfully helps the reader determine direction for turning crisis experiences into opportunities. He uses the Biblical example of Joseph to illustrate this principle. Monroe contends that management is the number one “Kingdom Key” for overcoming crisis. He introduces and explores in detail seven keys for managing crisis.
    Rev. Oudney Patsika - Overcoming Crisis by Myles Munroe
    Rev. Oudney Patsika - Overcoming Crisis by Myles Munroe
    Each fast moving chapter is packed with valuable guiding principles and strategies for meeting issues head-on in any kind of crisis, deployment, and for maximizing the resolution of crisis.

    The final chapter is entitled “10 Ways to Rise Above Crisis.” Through this chapter Munroe adds permanence to the lasting value of the book. Similar to the chorus or last refrain of a song, these reminders capture the essence of the earlier impressions and principles. This chapter should be read and reread often.

    Munroe’s writing is faithful to the scriptures, financially sound, and economically realistic. This is a book for pastor and layman alike. It is enjoyable reading, ideal for future reference, a guideline for repeated referral, for deeper study, personal application and assimilation.
    Apostle Pride Sibiya - Overcoming Crisis by Myles Munroe
    Apostle Pride Sibiya - Overcoming Crisis by Myles Munroe
    Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., 978-0768430523
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