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    In the mid- 1960s, James Brown came out with a song that exposed the spirit of the age, entitled, "It's a Man's World." The song sold a million copies. (I wonder who bought it?)

    James was singing about an attitude that pervades the nations and culture of the world. That attitude is, in effect, "Even though women are here, this world was made for men. It's designed for males. Women are just filling in where needed. You women stay in your place; this is a man's world."
    Does the world belong to men? If so, what place do women hold in it?

    One of the most controversial issues of our modern times; a topic that has been debated with much discussion and dissension is the role, position, and rights of the woman. Historically, in nearly every nation and culture, women have been regarded as inferior to men, holding a secondary place in the world. The following are traditional perceptions of women that still persist today. Women are considered:
    • Inferior to men, second-class citizens.
    • Objects for sensual gratification alone.
    • Weak; incapable of real strength.
    • Lacking in intelligence and therefore having nothing to contribute to society.
    • The personal servants, whose only purpose is to meet the needs of their masters.
    • Domestic slaves, to be used as desired.
    • Objects to be passed around until finished with, and then discarded.
    • Subhuman.
    • Deserving of abuse.
    Depending on where you live in the world, your past experiences, and whether you are a woman or man, the items on this list might shock you, offend you, be discounted by you, or serve as a painful reminder of what you are currently enduring.

    If you live in an industrial nation that has seen significant improvements in the status of women and the opportunities open to her, you may not think these negative perceptions of women are relevant to your relationship or the interactions between males and females in your society. Yet the underlying assumptions behind them persist in every nation because they are not so much influenced by legislative and societal changes as they are by ingrained attitudes in the hearts and minds of men and women. Women are misunderstood and degraded around the world, and it is causing them emotional, physical, and spiritual distress.
    A Woman's Place - Peniel On Relationships

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