Estate planning is essential. A living will, also known as an advance health directive, is a document that allows individuals to express their wishes regarding specific medical treatments in the event that they are dying, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to communicate their preferences.

While some may choose to seek an attorney to complete, you can do it yourself by using a trusted estate planning software program like Nolo.It’s not easy planning your end-of-life care while it seems you have years ahead of you, but this move can save you (and your family) aggravation, time and money.

Below are three key benefits to securing your legacy and ensuring your dignity through a living will.
Living Will -- Preserve Your Legacy, Ensure Your Dignity
1. Ensures Your Medical Wishes Are Met: If you prefer not to receive a certain treatment – for example, you don’t want a feeding tube – due to religious or moral beliefs, your living will ensures you’re not given said treatments. At a time when you cannot voice your opinion or opposition, a living will proves to be critical.
2. Provides Your Family Peace of Mind: While difficult situations have a way of bringing families together, making decisions on behalf of an ill loved one puts a lot of stress on the family unit. Your family only wants the best, but deciding on the best treatment can cause arguments and disagreements. With your healthcare directives lined up, you’ve mapped out your next steps.
3. Retain Your Power: Ultimately, you know the outcome and how things will come to pass. Not your family members or doctors, you have the final say. Your living will provides you that freedom and power.

Drafting a living will is empowering and can make the difference in how you’re remembered. A life well lived is a life well planned.  Read more:

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