Getting Christmas cards is the highlight of the holiday season for some people. Just think about the iconic Christmas fireplace: 

The stockings are hanging, the fire is roaring, and Christmas cards from friends and family adorn the mantel.

They usually have a snowy scene or a picture of Santa Claus on the front and a generic message printed on the inside. Then whoever sends the card writes some well-wishes and puts it in an envelope.

Christmas cards are meant to express the happiness of the happy holiday season. They are heartwarming and they often offer wishes of good fortune for the season and the next year.

At least, that’s the kind of message most people have come to expect from holiday cards.

That’s what Anna Mitchell’s son expected to find when he came home from school with a bag full of Christmas cards.

On the last day of his kindergarten class in Australia, Mitchell’s son came home with his backpack full of candy canes and Christmas cards. Excited to open them, he ran to his room and poured them out over the floor.

Moments later, Mitchell heard her son crying. When she got to his room, she found him surrounded by wonderful cards and holiday treats, but he had one card in his hand.

“He struggled to compose himself. His shoulders heaving. His face broken. Eyes squinting and pleading. Tears streaming. The whole works,” Mitchell wrote on Mama Mia.

When she looked at the card he was holding, she saw that it said “I hat you.”

Seeing that the paper also had a crossed-out heart on it, Anna understood that the card meant to say “I hate you.”

After contacting the school about the horrible card, Mitchell found out they didn’t know who made it. So she went to Facebook and wrote about what happened.

A man came forward and said that his daughter wrote the card and that he didn’t read through all her cards before sending her to school with them. He apologized profusely, but it didn’t take away the pain Mitchell’s son felt at reading the card.

The mom wrote: “So let this be a lesson to all this festive season. Teach your children to love and accept. Be kind always. And please check your children’s Christmas cards.”

What would you do if your child received a Christmas card that said “I hate you”? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to SHARE this story!
Apostle Pride & Anna Sibiya and The Glory Ministries Family Wishes You A Merry Christmas
Apostle Pride & Anna Sibiya and The Glory Ministries Family Wishes You A Merry Christmas

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